St. James Contemporary Extension

St.James Terrace is a fine example of Exeter’s Victorian terrace housing. Being only a short stroll to either the centre of the county’s capital or Exeter University and tucked away from the main road, you can see the reasons for making this a permanent home.

The Project

We were employed to remove an existing single storey brick tenement and construct an ellipse shaped extension, which featured many eco design elements.

The structure is a highly insulated timber frame, using the bricks recycled from the demolition of the existing tenement as a façade. The doors and windows are powder coat aluminium, and the roof has a zinc covering. During the demolition we discovered a well under the floor of the existing tenement, which we were then commissioned to turn into a feature.


  • Re-use of existing materials on site
  • FSC certified timber frame
  • Recycled flooring
  • High levels of insulation
  • Zinc roof
  • Powder coat aluminium doors & windows
  • Build shed with roof garden
  • Natural light to new & old parts of house
  • Contemporary design

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