Brown & Green Roofs

This way of covering your roof is a great way to off set the impact of your extension on the environment around you. The eco roofs offer a habitat to numerous fauna and flora, look great and are a perfect way to replace the footprint of your building with a green area. Building Devon are able to carry out eco roofs.

Brown Roof

Brown roofs use soil removed from the site for construction to form a wild roof garden. The soil is laid on an eco roof system and then left to its own devices. Within a very short time seeds from the surrounding area are deposited on the roof naturally and a wild garden grows. Because the roof garden is left to grow naturally, it provides an excellent habitat to local fauna.

Green Roof

This green roof is finished with Sedum. Sedum is an extremely adaptable plant. Its special properties are low maintenance, low growing and colourful hues. Once established sedum forms a tightly knit sedum carpet, which allows little room for the development of weeds and can be left largely unattended. It does not become overgrown and does not require regular cutting or pruning. It has a beautiful mix of colours (greens, yellows, reds and purples) and textures. As an evergreen it continues to provide a changing display of colour throughout the winter months. When used to create a sedum roof it will provide a beautifully changing display throughout the year.

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